Nascimento e Mourão - Sociedade de Advogados was founded at the end of the eighties under the name of Nascimento Silva e Figueiredo Mourão.

Initially, the law firm was created to serve small companies and throughout the years has included renowned national and global companies in its portfolio.

In addition to working in the most diverse sectors of economy, industry, commerce and service areas, Nascimento e Mourão has been advising buyers and sellers in the negotiation of Brazilian companies, preparing due diligence processes, jointly with important audit companies.

In the last 20 years, Nascimento e Mourão has been following up the changes the country and the legal area have undergone and gathered a team of professionals with solid background and focus in the business world.


The values which guide the Firm’s decisions and provide the foundation for developing our \ day-to-day work:

Internal colaboration and external competitiveness – we estimulate team work and a good work environment, to follow together the evolution of the economic activity and the successive development cycles, to remain competitive and up-to-date.

Daring and creativity – inspired in a vision of innovation with responsability, we offer to our clients the fundamental support they need for decisions that determine the success of their business.

Valorization of academic life, development, training and impeccable technical qualification – it is primordial that our team is in line with the evolution and the best technical legal means in order to attend our clients outstandingly.

Interface between areas and the protection to the client – we’ve implemented a new conception of bold and committed legal advising, which are admired by clients and which have become a standard of excellence for the market.

Focus on business and on the personal relationship with the client – to find the best possible legal solution it’s required to understand what is the main goal of the client. That is our focus. Because we comprehend its needs, we’re able to develop our work with proximity and in a dinamic way, adding value to its business.